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Why Learn English ?

English is getting more important every day - it is a global language, spoken as a first language by more than 400 million people around the world and as a second language by approximately one billion people. English is the most widely spoken language in the world and it is also the most widely taught second language globally, with English speaking courses growing in popularity year to year.

In addition to the sheer number of English speakers on the planet, English is becoming more important every day in terms of career progression. This is because it is the dominant language in diplomacy, business, television, film, music, science, radio and information technology. Indeed, it is the primary language used on the world wide web and is also utilized as programming language, meaning that many careers require at least a basic ability to speak the language. As a result of its increased global use, especially in industry, politics and online, learning English is now more important and beneficial than ever before. English speaking courses can play a vital role in opening up a number of new career options, as well as unlocking a range of other experiences. This is where Ambition English’s online language school can be of service.

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3 English Speaking rules every Non-Native Speaker should know

Here’s a little exercise for you. Think of all the people you know who speak really good English. How did they improve their English? You will find that almost all of these people have being exposed to the English language...

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Benefits of Learning English at an Early Age

There is something for everyone. It is perfect for beginners, intermediates and advanced English language speakers. Ambition English puts the students in the driver’s seat of their learning with videos, podcasts and blogs. If your child practices English speaking with...

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Improving Spoken English Fast – It is Just like Losing Weight!

Learning English and having a good laugh at the same is a must. “Spilt your sides laughing” is an English idiom. Learning and Laughter go together. Students learning English get to present a series of jokes and explain how and...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the method behind the lessons?

One of the reasons behind learning the language is to be able to communicate. There will be various topics like grammar, vocabulary and dialogues. We will be starting with dialogues and then use it as the core and start discussing various topics. We will also have various quizzes to revise and cover all the topics.

I have some knowledge about studying English- how do I know where to start?

Put your level of learning under “my level” and then select beginner to advance and the dashboard will suggest a lesson best fit for your profile. You can even listen to the descriptions of the levels to see what suits your level.

How can I develop fluency at Speakzoo?

At Speakzoo, we have a communication based learning approach. It simply means that you will be communication in the language every day in class. You get to have one on one conversation, speech, extempore, to name a few. With the trainers help you can speak in various situations that help develop your thoughts in English which will make you fluent in the language.

What happens if my skills don’t improve?

You will be getting a lot of attention and feedback from your trainer. It will accelerate your improvement. You will progress every day and enhance your spoken English and communication skills. We won’t give you a chance not to improve.


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